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Project Pinball Charity is a registered 501(c)(3) non for profit charity organization that places pinball machines in Children’s Hospital across our nation to help bring joy to kids.


Project Pinball Charity

Project Pinball Charity is dedicated to providing recreational relief to our small patients and their families as well as the physicians and nurses who care for them at our local Children’s Hospitals. A pinball machine is a powerful instrument that offers therapeutic benefits which fits perfectly with the dynamics of a hospital environment.  It helps keep patients active and mobile while also providing amusement. We provide all the equipment, parts, supplies and the regular maintenance at no cost to the Children’s Hospital. We are finding out with every visit and every testimony how powerful one pinball machine in the right setting can be!

Project Pinball began with the discovery of a broken pinball machine at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.  The machine, located at The Chrissy Brown Hematology and Oncology Unit was no longer functioning.  The pinball community and many local benefactors raised funds and donated time to restore the machine to perfect condition.

This Spiderman Pinball machine, by Stern Pinball, was a memorial gift donated to the hospital in the memory of Jimmy Schneeberger February 17, 1989 – April 13, 2000. It just wasn’t right to see this memorial gift in such disrepair so we decided to change that.  During restoration a few changes were made to light bulbs and other high use items in the machine so that it would last longer and not damage as easily as it did before. The members and friends of Project Pinball have not only made a commitment to restore the machine but to also keep it on a regular maintenance schedule so that it doesn’t end up in disrepair again.

Pinball machines give the young patients motivation to get back on their feet and it also provides the family members of the patients and the support staff a little recreational lift from time to time.

If you’d like to visit the  Donation page. To speak with a Project Pinball representative contact Daniel Spolar at 239-287-5497 or email: Projectpinballcharity@gmail.com


Project Pinball’s machines in Children’s Hospitals

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